Bringing utility standard direct drive wind turbine technology and energy solutions into decentralised energy sector

EWT is a global designer and producer of utility standard high performance gearless wind turbines of 250kW, 500kW to 1MW. Increasingly EWT is also providing energy sales and energy saving solutions to customers in selected jurisdictions, linked primarily to value derived from the kWhrs generated by energy savings accrued from the EWT turbine. 

Targeted on the decentralised wind sector
With over 600 turbines spinning based on its technology across North America, Europe and Asia, EWT has very much a proven, certified and highly performing product range targeted on the decentralised wind sector, including energy solutions integrating with other sources of generation. 

High availability and high output
Customers benefit from high availability and high output relative to peers, generating high customer value through maximising income from kWhr generation and/or saving significantly through offsetting more expensive grid supplied power. This can be through a single turbine, a cluster of turbines providing generation flexibility, or in combination with other forms of generation, such as our integrated solutions in Alaska where EWT combines with diesel generation to create greater energy savings and security.

In-house expertise
EWT is a full service company, with highly experienced industry personnel, comprising in-house not only product design and certification, but a highly comprehensive service offering supported by a strong domestic and international team, plus all commercial, legal and financial functions. EWT has also pioneered international product development co-operation through the successful development in China of its 2MW design.

Solving your energy needs
EWT supplies a broad range of customers, across many countries. From landowners to investment funds, communities to medium scale industry. Our turbines provide low maintenance benefits, high yields and availability, and the backing of a full service offering. We look forward to solving your energy needs.

Our vision:
To drive the world of medium scale wind energy, to realize its full potential, and be its preferred solution.

Our mission:
We supply the most economic reliable medium scale wind turbines to the world of localized energy generation. We combine this with superb lifetime performance and commercial innovation to maximize each customer's benefits. We continually challenges ourselves to improve our product to lower the cost of energy of our turbines. We ensure this is done profitably, with integrity and respect for the needs of the environment of our customers.

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