Renewable energy

Climate change affects every corner of the earth and our daily lives. Wind energy is a sustainable energy source and above all, it is clean. The wind energy generation process does not produce CO2 emissions or other harmful pollutants. Unlike energy production by coal and nuclear power plants, it does not require large amounts of water, which is also a scarce natural resource.

Cleaner environment
EWT takes its responsibility and contributes towards the production of clean energy and a cleaner environment. We provide state-of-the-art industrial wind power technology and apply it to medium-scale power generation, enabling farmers, landowners, developers and manufacturers to benefit and profit from investing in green energy production. 

High return on investment
By installing a EWT DIRECTWIND  turbine you benefit from every kW of electricity you produce, leading to a high return on investment: whether you use the generated power for your own purpose or you export the power to the national grid.

CO2 abatement
The calculator below can be used to measure generated electricity and the effect of wind energy on CO2 abatement per equivalent household consumption per year. Select your wind turbine configuration in the drop down menu, click on 'Calculate' and the results will be shown immediately. EWT has installed more than 600 sub-megawatt wind turbines worldwide, thereby making a contribution towards CO2 abatement.