• EWT installs first wind turbine in...

    With the installation of the DW61 900kW wind turbine in Montefalcone di Val Fortore in Italy, EWT enters a new market. Naples, Italy, 31 August 2017 – EWT, the world’s leading turbine supplier
  • EWT is exhibiting at ICCI Istanbul,...

    EWT is exhibiting at ICCI in Istanbul on 3-5 May. You will find us at stand i-108. "ICCI 2017 is Turkey's biggest energy and environment event where the energy and
  • EWT expands its service offering to...

    EWT, the world's leading decentralized wind turbine and service company, announces the launch of a comprehensive service offering to meet the demands of the many owners of endurance wind turbines
  • EWT hosts work-visit Stientje van...

    On January 11th EWT hosted, together with De Groene Zaak, Copper8 and Pitpoint NL, a work-visit for D66 member of parliament Stientje van Veldhoven. The sustainable entrepreneurs discussed the
  • EWT announces appointment of new...

    EWT announces the appointment of Brett Pingree as head of worldwide business development. With EWT currently active in Europe, Asia and both North and South America, Brett’s appointment follows EWT’s
  • Announcement of joint venture EWT...

    Today, Distributed Sun, owner, financier and operator of distributed energy resources throughout the United States, and EWT, the leading global supplier of wind energy turbines and 2016 winner of the
  • Turbine components arrived in port...

    EWT's wind turbine components have been arrived in the port of Derince Turkey. The DIRECTWIND 54-900kW turbine will be installed soon near to the city of Merzifon.
  • EWT hosts Television interview...

    Olof van der Gaag, director of the Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie (NVDE) – Dutch association for renewable energy – was interviewed in EWT’s Warehouse & Assembly hall about the possible
  • Another contract closure in Turkey

    EWT is very excited to announce another contract closure in Turkey for its DIRECTWIND54 - 900kW wind turbine. Following an extensive tender procedure, issued and managed by the Municipality of
  • EWT successfully installed its...

    EWT has installed a DIRECTWIND61-500kW wind turbine with a 46 m hub height at Craigthornhill Farm in Scotland. The DW61 significantly increases kWh output through a larger rotor diameter,
  • EWT received IEC Type Certification...

    EWT is proud to announce that it has now received the IEC Type Certification for its DW61 wind turbine. This certification confirms that our newest wind turbine is designed and manufactured
  • Visit us at 'The Energy Event' in...

    EWT will participate in 'The Energy Event' in NEC Birmingham on 13-14 September. You will find us at stand D20.The Energy Event is the UK’s leading event for energy and utilities procurement
  • EWT is exhibiting at the Empire...

    EWT is exhibiting at the Empire Farm Days in New York on 9-11 August. You will find us in the North East Main Tent at stand 62.Empire Farm Days is the place for seeing the latest
  • EWT successfully installed a DW52...

    EWT has installed a DW52-500kW direct drive wind turbine with a 40 m hub height in Weydale, North of Scotland. Despite challenging logistics in getting equipment to site, the turbine
  • CEO Mark Jones elected to DWEA...

    CEO Mark Jones of EWT has been elected to serve on the Board of DWEA. The Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) is a collaborative group comprised of manufacturers, distributors,
  • EWT installs its first wind turbine...

    Levent, Istanbul Turkey – Today, Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT), the world’s leading distributed energy turbine provider in the sub-megawatt segment, has installed a DIRECTWIND54-900kW turbine at
  • EWT installs its first wind turbine...

    Today, EWT successfully installed a DW54-900kW direct drive wind turbine at Yaşar Gida, a machine construction and agricultural business, in Ipsala Turkey. The Yaşar Gida plant is now benefiting
  • EWT recognised as global clean...

  • EWT is growing and expanding

    EWT is growing and expanding - in the amount of wind turbine orders and in the amount of qualified personnel – currently at 130. To continually provide our personnel with a safe and healthy
  • EWT company outing, lots of fun!

    Every year, EWT organizes a company outing and team building activities for its employees. EWT employees located all over the world travel to the EWT headquarters in Amersfoort, The
  • EWT donated 130 'Waka Waka Lights'

    As a Christmas present EWT has bought 'Waka Waka Lights' for its 130 employees. A gift that gives back! You buy one, and you give one to people around the world who have no
  • 130 wind turbine installations in...

    Today, EWT reached another record: 130 wind turbine installations in 2015! After some serious wind delays and heavy rains during the past weeks, our installation crews were
  • EWT is attending the Farm Business...

    The Farm Business and Innovation Show is the diversification and innovation event for farmers and landowners to make more money from their land. We look forward to meeting you at our
  • Great interest in the new DW61

    The EWT stand at RenewableUK in Liverpool was buzzing with interest on the opening day. Visitors flocked to the EWT stand, showing great interest in the new DW61 turbine.
  • EWT showcases new turbine at the...

    The DW61 will be presented to the general public at the Renewable UK Conference & Exhibition stand 145 in Liverpool from 6-8 October. The prototype DW61 has just been installed in Lelystad, The
  • EWT launches new DW61-900kW

    Today EWT, a leading supplier of distributed wind energy turbines, announces the launch of its most efficient and high energy producing wind turbine to date: the new 900kW EWT DW61.The DIRECTWIND61
  • Two turbines were built...

    Following some heavy rain and strong winds during the past days and due to some creative solutions regarding our planning, we managed to deliver in time: Two turbines were built simultaneously
  • More EWT turbines in Northern...

    Last week EWT successfully installed a DW54-250kW wind turbine with a 40 meter hub height at Ballymena, in Northern Ireland. It happened to be the only sunny day of the year in Northern
  • New record EWT installations!

    EWT installed six DIRECTWIND turbines at six different locations, in just two days! On Wednesday, 24 of June, EWT installed a DW54-900kW turbine with a 40 meter hub
  • Generator transported vertically

    EWT successfully installs a DW54-500kW turbine with a 50 meter hub height at Little Tinney Farm. The transportation of components along narrow British roads went
  • New company movie: EWT in two...

    The new company movie is short impression of EWT, the people, the headquarters, in-house assembly, and of course a turbine installation. A catchy movie, with
  • Visit us at AWEA WindPower 2015:...

    EWT is attending AWEA WindPower Conference & Exhibition in Orlando on 18-21 May. We are exhibiting at stand 3027.Location: Orange County Convention CenterWe look forward
  • Repower project in Groningen, The...

    EWT has successfully installed a DW54-900kW DIRECTWIND turbine with a 40 meter hub height in Groningen, The Netherlands. This 900kW wind turbine replaces an old 600kW machine with
  • EWT installed a DW54-900kW in The...

    Last week EWT installed a direct drive wind turbine in Groningen, The Netherlands. The installation was postponed for a week, because of heavy wind. On Januari 22nd our installation crew
  • 2014 Record year for EWT

    Over one hundred turbines sold in 2014We are very proud to announce that EWT reconfirms its leadership in localised energy generation through the sale of over one hundred turbines in 2014
  • The last turbine to be installed in...

    After some delay caused by strong winds, we are pleased to announce that the final turbine planned for installation in the UK in 2014 has been installed. Thanks to excellent team work from our
  • Best school trip ever! EWT Wind...

    Children of the Coety Primary School in Bridgend went to the EWT/AGR/Ford Motor Company open day. They were very excited to get close to an DW54-500kW direct drive wind turbine with 50 m
  • Ford Motor company in Wales powered...

    EWT has succesfully installed a DW54-500kW turbine with a 50m hub height in Bridgend, South Wales. This EWT turbine will provide electricity to the Ford Motor company
  • Installation teams are working day...

    Busy times for EWT: installation teams temporarily working day and night in order to get turbines installed before the end of this year.
  • DW54-500kW successfully installed

    EWT has successfully installed a DW54-500kW wind turbine at Tir Cook Farm site in the UK. Transporting the tower, rotor, blades and generator was quite challenging. Towing vehicles were driving
  • Candle factory powered by EWT wind...

    One of UK's largest factories of fragranced candles is now powered by a DIRECTWIND 52-500kW wind turbine. The direct drive wind turbine, with a 35 meter hub height was
  • 3 EWT turbines up within 4 days!

    EWT have installed three DIRECTWIND-500kW wind turbines in the Holme-on-Spalding-Moor region, just within four days! These turbines at Wholesea Grange, Hasholme Grange and Denness
  • Open Day at Furrowlands Ltd.

    September 23rd, successfully 500kW open day at Furrowland Ltd. EWT was also celebrating its 100th installed 500kW UK wind turbine. The open day was an exclusive opportunity to get
  • EWT installs 100th UK wind turbine

    Today, EWT has successfully installed its 100th 500kW turbine in the UK market at Furrowland’s site in Newton-On-Trent. This event underlines EWT’s leadership position in the UK’s distributed wind
  • EWT installed a DW52-500kW turbine...

    The pot of gold at the end of the double rainbow turned out to be an EWT DIRECTWIND 52-500kW turbine! 
  • Another DW54-500kW in Scotland

    EWT have installed another DIRECTWIND54-500kW in Scotland. The number of installed direct drive wind turbines in Scotland stands at 15 already. The DW54-500kW was successfully erected
  • Successfully installed DW54-500kW

    Last week, EWT installed a DIRECTWIND54-500kW wind turbine with a 40 meter hub height at Higher Micklehurst Farm. The turbine installation was made complicated due to height
  • First in-house assembled hub and...

    EWT is very pleased to have completed its first in-house assembled hub and nacelle at its head quarters in Amersfoort. The EWT assembly team, which was created recently did a great job and
  • DW54-900kW turbine installed in...

    EWT has successfully installed a DW54-900kW DIRECTWIND turbine with a 40 meter hub height in Groningen, the Netherlands. The entire project installation went according to plan. All
  • EWT global market leader in <750kW...

    BTM Consult, a part of Navigant, has pronounced EWT as the global market leader in the turbine capacity segment up to 750kW in its World Market Update 2013. Over the last few years, EWT has
  • 500kW successfully installed next...

    EWT has successfully installed a DIRECTWIND 54-500kW wind turbine, with a 50 meter hub height next to a landfill site in Nantycaws, Wales. Our installation crew was subjected to the smells associated
  • EWT installed 900kW turbine in The...

    EWT has successfully installed a DIRECTWIND 54-900kW wind turbine, with a 40 meter hub height in Groningen, The Netherlands. The Dutch weather conditions were more than ideal: with no rain and a hint
  • EWT sells 100th DW52/54-500kW UK...

    Today, Emergya Wind Technologies, the leading provider of single turbines in the sub-megawatt segment, has taken its 100th order in the UK for a DIRECTWIND54-500kW turbine at Maple Farm. All EWT
  • RECC Wind Cooperative of the Year

    On March 6th, our client RECC, from Illinois USA has been recognized as Wind Cooperative of the Year 2013.The U.S. Department of Energy and the National Rural Electric Cooperative
  • Successfully open day 500kW wind...

    On Wednesday 5th March, Cleanearth Energy and EWT were holding a wind turbine open day at the 500kW EWT DW installation located near Launceston, Cornwall. More than 80 invitees
  • EWT blades in stock

    Today, EWT blades temporarily stored in the warehouse for our upcoming installations. The blades, which measures 26 m, just fit in perfect! EWT is keeping the blades in stock to
  • EWT announces appointment of new CEO

    Emergya Wind Technologies is very pleased to announce that Mark Jones has been appointed as its new CEO. Mark joins EWT following a long involvement in the wind energy sector as CEO of European and
  • EWT DW54-500kW installed

    On Saturday November 30th, the EWT crew has successfully installed a DW54-500kW wind turbine with 40 meter hub height in the Scottish borders. This turbine is up at Bassendeanhill.
  • Opening ceremony EWT wind turbines

    November 8th, the opening ceremony of the two wind turbines in Svalöv, Sweden was a successful event with approximately 100 visitors. Plenty of 'wind turbine' shaped cake was available for everyone.
  • Winner EWT photo contest

    Winning picture of EWT DW 52-500kW wind turbine at Manor Farm UK, was taken by John Rainsforth who is working in the office for the landowner. Of all entries this specific image was chosen by the
  • Successfully 500kW Open Day

    On September 26th, over 70 attendees joined the EWT 500kW Open Day near South Petherwin, Launceston Cornwall, by kind permission of owner Otterpower Ltd. Also local EWT UK service technicians and
  • EWT installs 50th UK turbine

    September 24th, today EWT has successfully installed its 50th turbine in the UK market at the Thorne Farm site in Devon. This event underlines EWT’s market leadership in the UK market for medium wind
  • Wind turbine transport

    5th of September, transportation of tower, nacelle, blades and generator to project site Delta Junction USA to installing their second EWT DW54-900kW wind turbine with 75m hub
  • New address EWT head office

    August 19th, EWT kindly inform you that the headquarters of the company has been relocated:Lindeboomseweg 513825 AL Amersfoort, The NetherlandsPO Box 25383800 GB Amersfoort, The
  • Wind turbines successfully...

    August 1st and 2nd, the fields west of Svalöv in southern Sweden got its first two EWT wind turbines. The DW54-900kW turbines with 75m hub height were installed within only two days. On the
  • Farming brothers harvesting the wind

    Drew and Agnus Moody of Dykhead Farm in Lanarkshire were searching for ways to make their farm more profitable by securing additional income, and like many farmers they were attracted to a wind
  • View from above

    Scotland 19th of June, view from above of project Wellgreen, during installation of EWT’s DW54-500kW wind turbine with 40 meter hub height. Operations manager Wim Robbertson took a helicopter flight
  • Two DW52-900kW wind turbines in...

    June 19th, the main building blocks for project Nome in Alaska have arrived in the port of Nome and are being transported to the site at this moment. Soon EWT will start installing two
  • EWT installed Otterpower III

    EWT successfully installed Otterpower III wind turbine project in North Cornwall. The installation of DW54-500kW with 50m hub height took place in glorious sunshine on 25 May, being prevented
  • EWT exhibiting WindPower 2013

    May, 8th EWT is participating WindPower 2013 exhibition in Chicago. Many attendees are visiting our booth.
  • EWT main contractor

    Last week, EWT has successfully installed a DW54-500kW turbine with 75m hub height in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. As main contractor EWT was responsible for the installation of the turbine as well as
  • First wind powered bottling plant

    January 29th, after only four days, six Dutchman, two English crane drivers, many lorries and over a foot snow: the turbine is up.  Read more about this project: first wind powered
  • 12 years of hard work pays off!

    Today, 14th January 2013, EWT announces Svalöv will see two wind turbines being erected after the summer as farmers and entrepreneurs became wind turbine owners as well. Christer Laurell, Tomas and
  • Top ten turbines up to 2MW

    EWT's DirectWind 52/54-500kW and 900kW wind turbines classified in 'top ten turbines up to 2MW' according Wind Power Monthly.
  • EWT's reaction to recent FIT...

    For a number of years there is a global trend of increasing demand for low wind speed turbines, driven by the decreasing availability of high wind speed sites.  In anticipation of this trend,
  • 40 years of wind energy in The...

    You are invited to attend this free event: '40 years of wind energy in The Netherlands' at the 'Rode Hoed' building in Amsterdam. The program will start at 10.00 AM. The
  • EWT attended Renewable UK

    November 2nd, three days Renewable UK in Glasgow, many professional attendees visited our stand.
  • EWT exceeds 30 direct drive wind...

    October 29th, this week will be installed: Manton Farm, Southfield Farm, Mount Pleasant and Upper Haywood.
  • First Scottish EWT wind turbines

    September 19th, this morning at 6.00 AM the first of many Scottish EWT DIRECTWIND 54-500kW wind turbines was succesfully installed at Dykehead Farm, South Lanarkshire.
  • Open Day Arlington Farming Ltd.

    On September 12th many interested visitors came to Caunton near Newark, in order to see the EWT 500kW Wind Turbine in action. During the day there were opportunities to talk to
  • First EWT wind turbine in Sweden

    Within one day, on 23rd of August, this DIRECTWIND 54-900kW on 75m hub was succesfully installed on the site Skalltorp close to Hjälmaren. Site and wind turbine owner is Projektpartner Jan
  • EWT wind turbine generator on...

    On August 3rd this frame was used to deliver the generator for the second 500kW Direct Drive turbine of Otterpower, also located in Cornwall.  Look at www.otterpower.co.uk for more
  • EWT sells another 15 direct drive...

    In 2011 EWT launched the 500kW direct drive wind turbine in the UK renewable energy market. The first turbine was successfully installed in August 2011 with a further ten turbines installed so far
  • EWT closes deal in Sweden

    Today, 6 December 2011, EWT announces another contract closure for the sale of a DIRECTWIND 54 – 900kW wind turbine in Sweden. The turbine has been sold with a full inclusive maintenance contract and
  • Castle Pill Wind Farm

    Near Milford Haven three 900 kW DIRECTWIND turbines with hub height of 40 and 50 meters were erected. The turbines are certified for IEC Wind Class IIA, together they will generate enough green