Key advantages of our direct drive technology

EWT offers a highly efficient product range based on direct drive technology with a high yield and low cost of energy. The combination of proven direct drive technology and advanced control features makes EWT’s DIRECTWIND 250kW up to 1MW a first-class choice with regard to energy yield and reliability.

High energy yields
Much of the world's turbine demand is in low-medium wind areas (IEC class II and III). EWT's turbines are designed to maximise yield from such sites relative to other turbines in our capacity range. This enables wind project owners to achieve high yields and therefore more attractive financial returns, even at sites with low wind conditions.

The quietest wind turbines in their class
The compact and efficient design of EWT’s direct drive wind turbines and the quiet direct drive technology ensure that EWT turbines blend well into the modern environment. The absence of a gearbox (which is producing mechanical noise) as well as the optimised aerodynamic profile of the EWT wind turbine blades reduces noise levels, which can be critical for planning approvals. 

Availability level above the standard
Since the gearbox has been eliminated in the DIRECTWIND turbine design, the number of rotating components has been reduced, which leads to a lower maintenance need. A large single main bearing carries both the rotor assembly and generator which reduces the number of rotating components even further. The use of fewer components does not only mean less costly component repairs, but it also avoids the need for renting expensive cranes to replace these components.

And the high availability levels usually reserved for wind farm owners
The reliability of the DIRECTWIND technology and the effectiveness of the service setup are being reflected in the turbines’ availability levels which are well above the industry standard. This proven technology together with the availability of fully trained service technicians and spare parts warehouses in the main markets offers EWT the full confidence to offer utility-level availability warrantees, even on a single turbine.

Grid friendly design: perfect for weak grids and micro grids
The generated energy is fed into the grid via a modern back-to-back full-power converter which controls the output, so grid requirements can be met. This converter further contains a number of programmable functions such as a capability to adjust the power factor and a capability to automatically control the voltage in order to comply with stringent grid requirements.

This makes our turbine suitable to operate in weak grids and microgrids. The combination of all the advanced grid connection features makes the DIRECTWIND the perfect choice for solitary applications, weak grids, microgrids, high turbulence sites, and demanding locations where specific environmental demands must be met. 

Technically highly suited to integration with other generation
The flexibility that the direct drive and back-to-back full-power converter technology offers makes the turbine highly suited for integration with other generation sources such as hybrid wind/diesel power systems.