EWT wind / diesel a perfect fit

The energy production of the DW52/54 – 500kW and DW52/54 – 900kW matches the energy consumption profile of many off-grid high energy users such as communities, islands, industrial sites like mines, water treatment plants, etc.
Many of these off-grid high energy users are currently being powered by diesel generators systems which are very expensive to operate due to their remote location. Hybrid wind/diesel power systems offer a cost-effective alternative and achieve an exceptional fossil fuel saving. EWT has gained experience with hybrid wind/diesel power systems which have been deployed in Alaska. 

Off-grid wind turbine solutions in Alaska
Despite harsh weather conditions, making project implementation challenging, EWT successfully installed 6 turbines at 3 different sites. Read our case study.

E.g. two DW54-900kW turbines are providing 20% of one towns energy demand, saving over 1.0m liters of diesel fuel per year.

With the advancement of both wind energy technology as well as grid control system, improved integration and operations, lower cost of ownership, advanced monitoring capabilities and support services, wind energy is a proven and cost effective solution for integration into diesel power plants.

EWT technical solutions:

  • Active remote power control
  • Delayed shutdown
  • No actual earth connection (floating earth)
  • Cold startup

EWT is an integrated energy leader
EWT is a leading energy solution provider in the distributed wind market with over 600 turbines installed based on our technology and offers energy solutions ranging from turbine supply to full power provision. The DIRECTWIND turbine is characterized by a well-established track record and has proven to be the energy solution for high energy consumers such as quarries, golf courses, farms, distribution centers or even off-grid (wind/diesel) communities in Alaska.

We are further developing our integrated solutions: talk to us about your integrated needs. EWT can offer cost-effective energy solutions ranging from turbine supply to full power provision. Invite us for a discussion and explain us your needs such that we can present you an energy solution which is fine-tuned to your technical and financial requirements.