EWT's attractive power curves enables wind project owners to achieve high yields

EWT’s DW61-900kW turbine significantly increases electricity output through a larger rotor diameter, which is the result of the latest aerodynamic blade design and advanced control technologies. The DW61 is designed for wind class IEC IIIA conditions and retains the tip heights of 77 and 100 meters, which have proven favourable to planning authorities. The combination of proven direct drive technology and advanced control features makes EWT’s DIRECTWIND a first-class choice with regard to energy yield and reliability.

The DW61-900kW is designed to maximize yield from low to moderate wind sites relative to other turbines in our capacity range. The attractive power curve enables wind project owners to achieve high yields and, therefore, more attractive financial returns, even at sites with low wind conditions.

Specifications of EWT’s DW61-900kW:

  • Rotor diameter: 61 m
  • IEC wind class: IIIA
  • Rotor speed variable: 12 - 24 rpm
  • Nominal power output: 900 kW
  • Hub heights: 46 and 69 m
  • Cut-in wind speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Rated wind speed: 11,5 m/s
  • Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s, 10 min. avg.
  • Survival wind speed: 52.5 m/s
  • Power output control: Pitch controlled
  • Generator: Synchronous multi-pole
  • Power converter: IGBT-controlled

Advantages of EWT’s DW61-900kW:

  • High energy yield
  • High return on investment
  • High availability
  • Low costs of ownership
  • Low noise emissions
  • Supporting grid performance

EWT – a market leader with focus on localised energy generation

EWT designs, assembles, supplies, installs and maintains a range of high performance sub-MW direct drive turbines and has been recognized by a respected industry consultant as the market leader in the sub-MW wind turbine sector. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands with local sales offices and service teams.

With wind turbines spinning across Alaska, US, Europe and Asia, EWT has a proven, certified and highly performing product range of 250kW, 500kW and 900kW wind turbines targeted on the decentralised wind energy sector, including energy solutions integrated with other sources of electricity generation. Focus on providing the lowest local electricity cost possible, EWT serves customer groups range from communities, industry, agriculture, land owners, investment funds and other groups, installing a single turbine or small clusters of turbines for localised generation income.

In the past three years alone, the market has invested over EUR 600 million in EWT’s sub-MW turbine and therefore EWT is well-trusted by major institutions such as banks, certification authorities, insurance companies and engineering consultants.

Invite us for a discussion and explain us your needs such that we can present you an energy solution which is fine-tuned to your technical and financial requirements.

EWT' business developing department is investigating three different Asian markets:

  • Thailand: Current Feed-in Tariff scheme providing for 10 year income, being updated to 20 years with a revised tariff. Scheme plus the highly distributed nature of power demand means EWT turbines will fit localised generation within the tariff regime.
  • Philippines: Highly islanded electricity system combined with a rural electricity organisational body, a Feed-in Tariff amongst the highest in the region and expensive power, plus class 2 winds mean EWT can provide a compelling localised solution.
  • Indonesia: A large and highly islanded power market with high costs, and the commencement of dialogue on the subject of facilitating more localised energy and wind energy mean EWT continues to investigate and build relationships.