Helping Caribbean based hoteliers and high cost of energy enterprises access renewable energy

EWT is ready to enter the Caribbean and Latin American markets and to support hotels and businesses access lower cost energy for their daily operational needs. With energy costs through out the region adversely affected by the volatility of the oil markets, wind energy stands as a ready, more OPEX effective way to control costs.

How can we help?
EWT engineers and installation partners examine energy use, facility design and renewable energy resources to determine the best, most effective solutions to meet the energy requirements for our clients. EWT can provide a variety of ownership options to meet the needs of our clients from straight equipment sales up to customized power purchase agreements to meet the risk appetite of the buyer.

EWT is the sector leading manufacturer medium sized wind turbines in the world. With over 600 units installed and a proven track of delivering value to our clients and partners, we stand in a unique space to help decrease OPEX, increase long term expense prediction and provide clean, green and lower cost kilowatt hours through out the region.

Who do we work with?
Our current stable of clients include diverse interests in the range of small remote power companies working to offset diesel power energy costs, grid tied manufacturers and commercial wind farm operators. All of our customers work with us toward the goal of decreasing risk, increasing savings and in order to limit market and regulatory exposure.

Energy costs are increasing
Businesses and industries are held hostage to the unpredictable nature of the oil market and these costs have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. The increases, driven by imported fuel, deferred maintenance and deferred environmental costs, directly impact the bottom line. As the industry searches for alternatives, the answers are literally in the air all around us. Wind power.

Prediction versus certainty
EWT creates value for our customers by harnessing on site resources to provide clean, long term stable energy prices and thus a predictable hedge on OPEX. Our customer’s rates are locked in and guaranteed for the duration of the contract and are immune to local forces, fuel surcharges and any normal market factors such as commodity fluctuation.

What is the best way to succeed?
With over 600 machines installed worldwide, EWT’s customers are progressive and seek to control their long term energy using existing resources in their own backyards. EWT’s engineers and analysts work to insure that the project scope and all related elements are leveraged to ensure the greatest value to our clients. We examine individual project needs, wind resources, current and future energy costs to determine best solution with the greatest value for the customer. Working with the client we provide all the needed support to address local needs for permitting, installation and safety requirements to comply with interconnection and operation of our turbine.

EWT finds a solution with you
EWT helps its customers turn on-site renewable energy resources into value. We allow you to focus on your core objectives and business goals and to retain investment capital while receiving the economic benefits of clean, lower cost energy with no risk. We stand ready to find a solution with you.