EWT provides clean, green and lower costs kilowatt hours

EWT is the sector leading manufacturer medium sized wind turbines in the world. With over 600 units installed and a proven track of delivering value to our clients and partners, we stand in a unique space to help decrease OPEX, increase long term expense prediction and provide clean, green and lower cost kilowatt hours through out the region.

EWT has a fleet of turbines spinning in the US, in single or two-turbine deployments. These are predominantly in Alaska and the Mid West, with turbines to be deployed in California and New York State.

Our customers include:

  • Large scale agricultural operations
  • Communities and rural electricity co-operatives
  • Educational establishments
  • Private landowners

Customers main drivers for purchasing EWT turbines are:

  • EWT’s output range matches on site generation at the lowest cost of electricity, providing the maximum potential for customer lifetime energy cost saving
  • Localised generation income and RoI can be maximized by using an EWT turbine
  • EWT’s focus on the localized single and small cluster turbine customer segment provides maximum customer confidence
  • Energy generation for the available land is highly efficient vs solar, especially for agricultural customers and those with restricted site availability
  • Localised permitting supports a turbine of EWT’s size/logistics provide greater challenges bringing larger turbines to site

EWT retains a centralized service support (Mn) together with local support. Customers in California can benefit from the deployment of an EWT turbine in one of three ways:

Generation Income from the Feed-in Tariff:

Power is sold at 6.9-8.9c/kwhr, without inflation, under a fixed term contract with the utility.

Energy Savings from Net Metering:

Customer offsets its power costs by taking power from the EWT turbine rather than from the grid.

Bonus through the SGIP (Self Generation Incentive):

Whether net metering or selling at FIT, the customer may earn a 5 year bonus to help boost returns if it has sufficient on site electricity demand.