Many markets in Europe have Feed-in Tariffs

EWT’s customer range includes organisations as varied as Ford motor company, one of Europe’s largest wine bottling facilities, major water utilities, agricultural concerns large and small, individual landowners and (remote) communities.

Our turbines usually deployed in single units or small clusters, and often close to where the energy is consumed. Our customers benefit through:

  • Offsetting their higher electricity costs, so maximizing their on site energy cost savings, and/or
  • Generating an attractive revenue stream from sale of electricity under a PPA or similar agreement.

Many markets in Europe apply local Feed-in Tariffs to large wind farms. The new EWT DW61-900kW brings EWT into competitive focus where such Feed-in Tariffs can now be applied to this turbine.

EWT's DIRECTWIND-900kW with 61 m rotor diameter
The DW61 significantly increases electricity output through a larger rotor diameter, which is the result of the latest aerodynamic blade design and advanced control technologies. The DW61 is designed for wind class IEC IIIA conditions and retains the tip heights of 77 and 100 meters, which have proven favourable to planning authorities. The combination of proven direct drive technology and advanced control features makes EWT’s DIRECTWIND a first-class choice with regard to energy yield and reliability.

The DW61-900kW is designed to maximize yield from low to moderate wind sites relative to other turbines in our capacity range. The attractive power curve enables wind project owners to achieve high yields and, therefore, more attractive financial returns, even at sites with low wind conditions.

EWT's global deployment is over 600 turbines. In Europe, EWT is active in the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey. Other European markets to be investigated by our business developers:   

  • Ireland: Electricity from renewable sources is mainly promoted through a Feed-in Tariff scheme (REFIT) that operates as a floor price. The entities entitled to this tariff are those suppliers that purchase electricity from renewable sources from generators with whom they have entered into a commercially negotiated REFIT Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Belgium: Producer gets 1 tradable green certificate per MWh. Government provides guaranteed price floor. 
  • France: Specific tariff per technology. Higher tariffs in overseas regions.
  • Denmark: Guaranteed bonus on top of electricity price. Sum of bonus + electricity price cannot be higher than 8 €ct/kWh

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