EWT recognised as global clean energy innovator

07 Apr 2016

EWT, a leading wind energy technology company, has been recognised by Bloomberg New Energy Finance
as one of its 2016 New Energy Pioneers at an awards ceremony in New York on Monday 4 April. This prestigious award
is given each year to just ten companies around the world considered to be innovators revolutionising the energy sector. 

The recognition is a rare honour for a wind company as only a small number of companies in the sector have been named in the history of the award.    

EWT uses its leading technology, service and commercial solutions to provide distributed power in a way that provides highly economic energy generation independence to high energy consuming public and private sector organisations, communities and many other customer groups, on and off grid. Its 250kW to 900 kW wind turbines are often deployed close to where its output is needed, enabling its customers to save money on their power bills and earn income from selling electricity to the grid. Considered a global leader in the sector, EWT is active from North America through Europe and into Asia.  

Mark Jones, CEO of EWT said: “Being named on such a prestigious list is a real honour. It validates our innovative, pioneering principles that our company was founded on. And as a young but well proven company with clear growth aspirations and global demand, we’re really pleased to have gained acknowledgement from the entire new energy industry."

“EWT is revolutionising distributed energy localised customers with savings through lower than grid cost energy, and independent income from energy generation. Hundreds of customers have shown their trust in EWT through the investment of many hundreds of millions of euros in installing the EWT product, and many more in a wide range of countries are showing their interest in following on. In turn, EWT continues to innovate technically and commercially to widen its addressable market.”

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance awards program selects ten New Energy Pioneers each year from hundreds of applicants around the world. An independent panel of industry experts selected the winners using the following three criteria: innovation, demonstrated momentum and potential global scale.       


Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of analysis and transformation at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “This year, we were impressed by the very strong set of candidates we received for the New Energy Pioneers program, and the range of activities that they cover – including solar, wind, storage, transport, bioenergy, energy smart technologies and machine learning. 

For more information on the Pioneers program, visit: http://www.bloomberg.com/company/new-energy-pioneers/. For more information on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit, visit: http://about.bnef.com/summit/


About EWT
EWT is a global designer and producer of utility standard high performance gearless wind turbines of 250kW to 900kW. Increasingly EWT is also providing energy sales and energy saving solutions to customers in selected jurisdictions, linked primarily to value derived from the kWhrs generated by energy savings accrued from the EWT turbine.

With over 600 turbines spinning based on its technology across North America, Europe and Asia, EWT has very much a proven, certified and highly performing product range targeted on the decentralised wind sector, including energy solutions integrating with other sources of generation.




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