EWT to start its own rotor blade factory in Enschede

22 Dec 2017

Amersfoort, 21 December 2017 – EWT, the world’s leading turbine supplier for localized energy generation, today announces the start of its own rotor blade factory in Enschede, Netherlands, to guarantee the continuity of the production of its DirectWind turbines.

Following EWT’s further international growth, EWT has decided to continue the production of rotor blades under own management. The new production facility will ensure continuity, independence and high quality and will only be used for EWT’s own rotor blade production. Moving from outsourcing to insource an intensive production requires an extensive planning process but will guarantee availability and high quality.

With the new factory EWT will become the sole manufacturer of rotor blades in the Netherlands, representing a key investment in cost effective high technology manufacturing.

For EWT, Enschede was the best location to start the production facility. “The region is known for its experience in wind and blade technology and commitment to growth of future technology. Logistically this also fits well with EWTs supply chain, customer and corporate profile.  EWT’s factory presence also represents welcome high technology investment in the area” says Mark Jones, CEO EWT.

EWT has an established core team and will be recruiting further specialists for the various phases in the production process.  Due to the intensive production process of the factory, EWT expect to increase the number of employees considerably in 2018.

EWT will also continue to co-operate with third party blade producers, in keeping with retaining a solid, reliable and diverse supply chain base.

About EWT
EWT is the world’s leading turbine supplier for scale localized energy generation and repowering at 1 MRW scale. With a turbine fleet spanning 250kW to 1MW, leading direct drive technology, a strong operational track record and presence across Europe, the Americas and Asia. EWT is also a wider leader in the distributed energy world, having been involved in providing development solutions in a number of countries, driving new asset ownership solutions and being the biggest community solar developer with over 130m usd of solar build scheduled for 2018 in New York State and further wind projects in development to complement this.

In 2017 alone EWT has expanded its deployment of turbines and contracts to build on a localised basis to Italy, Denmark and Greece, with the latter featuring the build of one of the world’s most extensive islanded wind power deployments.

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