Giving renewed life to older windfarms

In well established markets for wind energy deployment, such as California, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and parts of Great Britain, turbines which have been running for 13-15 years or more may be replaced for significant improvements in output by a modern turbine. These gains come from the significant improvements in output which come from modern technology and yield from greater swept areas.

Offering modern yields 
Planning regimes in some jurisdictions, for example in parts of the Netherlands, will require the preservation of original height/setback and/or other considerations. In these situations EWT provides a highly attractive solution, offering modern yields, availability, performance and technology but within planning ordinances which prevent deployment of larger turbines.

Repowering projects 
EWT has already undertaken its first repowering projects and is currently working with many customers on their repowering plans. EWT is also able to team with parties who can take your old turbine and offer a resale price.

Highly competitive solution
Where you believe you may be limited to 64-75m tip height in any planning approval for site repowering, EWT will prove a highly competitive solution to your repowering need.