Energy costs savings

Paying too much for your energy? EWT could help.

From Hawaii, Ontario and the US West Coast through to the Caribbean Islands, Turkey and on to Indonesia and the Philippines, from industries consuming high power quantities and expensive power to communities, municipalities and military outposts, an EWT turbine can generate considerable energy cost savings when offsetting power delivered from the grid or off-grid.

The EWT offering can be as simple as a turbine supply through to commercial agreements based on EWT and/or partners owning the turbine, so reducing or eliminating the up front costs, in return for a commercial structure driven off the energy saving benefits earned by the energy consumer.

EWT is already saving the communities of Alaska considerable funds by deploying one or more turbines to make more efficient use of the diesel units, and to provide additional grid benefits. 

So whether your offset demands are 2000 MWh annually or a multiple of this, EWT can provide energy cost saving solutions through deployment of one or more turbines.

Alaska, Kotzebue