Net metering

Net metering is an electricity policy that allows utility customers to offset some or all of their energy use with self-produced renewable energy. At the end of a given month or year the customer is billed only for the net energy used. (The grid-supplied electricity minus the credits for renewable energy fed into the grid) 

Wind energy effective and efficient

Wind energy systems are intermittent sources. At times when you are producing more electricity than you are using, you will be paid equitably for this. Net metering makes home renewable energy systems more effective and efficient. 

Offsetting energy costs

Where net metering is the driver, EWT is focused in those where net metering is most likely to be offsetting energy costs for loads consistent with its 500kW up to 1MW.  

Generate your own power and sell the electricity
Great Britain, Finland, North Ireland, Ontario, parts of the United States and the Netherlands are some examples where authorities provide programmes to encourage local generation solutions. 

....or offset more expensive power supplied from the grid
Generally known as 'net metering', communities and medium-sized industrial plants are using EWT turbines to reduce their annual electricity bill. Turkey and parts of the Untited States are examples of places where net metering is actively applied and where EWT is very active.

EWT turbines are already generating revenues for many clients and allowing clients to offset expensive power from the grid.

EWT case study of a net metering project: Lanchester Group will become the world’s first carbon-negative drinks business.

Founded by Tony and Veronica Cleary in the front room of their house in 1980, the Lanchester Group has flourished into a business with an annual turnover of £70m. The Group plays an important part in the North East’s economy, providing 250 jobs in County Durham and winning plaudits and awards from major UK retailers. In addition to their role as a significant local employer, the Group has in recent years introduced a range of progressive green energy solutions.

Between 2011 and 2014, the Lanchester Group erected three EWT wind turbines with tip heights of 76m; together these provide at least 5.5million KWh each year. The Group uses roughly 50% of this to power their 440,000 square foot site, and this will play a major role in enabling them to realise their vision of becoming a ‘carbon negative’ business. They are already rightfully proud to be the world’s first ‘carbon minus’ wine business, and wish to take this even further. Growing in a sustainable way is important to the company. Using cutting edge low-carbon technology will have the twofold effect of ensuring the Group grows in a sustainable way and future-proofing the business against rising energy costs. Read more........