Reliable solutions for distributed generation

Direct Drive Technology

The rotor directly drives the synchronous generator. 
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Product Quality

EWT believes in the continual improvement in its technology.
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Nacelle / Rotor design

EWT wind turbines have very compact nacelle designs. Read more......

Grid Technology

The generated energy is fed into the grid via a modern back-to-back full-power converter. Read more......

Service Program

  • EWT is offering complete service packages which are tuned to the customer's maintenance needs.
  • The service packages are available for periods of 5 or 10 years, including preventive maintenance, consumables, spare parts and 24/7 condition monitoring.
  • The service packages go hand-in-hand with the excellent product and performance (power curve and availability) warranties that era being offered on the turbines. 



Installation of EWT's new DW61-900kW