Suitable to operate in weak grids and microgrids

The generated energy is fed into the grid via a modern back-to-back full-power converter which controls the output, so grid requirements can be met. This converter further contains a number of programmable functions such as a capability to adjust the power factor and a capability to automatically control the voltage in order to comply with stringent grid requirements.

This makes the DIRECTWIND turbine suitable to operate in weak grids and microgrids. The combination of all the advanced grid connection features makes the DIRECTWIND the perfect choice for solitary applications, weak grids, microgrids, high turbulence sites, and demanding locations where specific environmental demands must be met. 

Technically highly suited to integration with other generation

The flexibility that the direct drive and back-to-back full-power converter technology offers makes the turbine highly suited for integration with other generation sources such as hybrid wind/diesel power systems.

Online SCADA

The DIRECTWIND Management System (DMS) is EWT’s sophisticated OPC-based user interface, which operates on a Microsoft Windows platform. The system can provide monitoring, control and statistical analysis functionalities locally or from the comfort of your office, but also interface to 3rd party SCADA systems.