Proven, tested and endorsed

EWT believes in the continual improvement in its technology. Dedicated teams addressing certification, engineering, design and quality management, combined with a strong financial commitment to providing the best product to our customers and keeping it best in class. This view is also shared by both the Certification Authorities who review on a continual basis both our products and processes.

Your assurance of our quality: Certification of our products
The company’s high professional standards are confirmed by its ISO 9001 and VCA** certificates. Further, our DIRECTWIND turbines are certified according to IEC 61400 standards by an independent Certification Authority. 

Our quality standards team in-house
EWT has established and developed a quality management system for its entire organisation according to standard ISO 9001:2008 in order to ensure continually-improving processes and product quality. An in-house Quality Control department is safeguarding that the quality standards are met at all times at EWT, but also at our suppliers and sub-contractors. Since quality conformity is part of the foundation of the organisation, the Quality Control department is reporting directly to management.

Our engineering capabilities in-house
EWT has an in-house technology team with highly qualified engineers coming from all corners of the world. This diversity of competences and industry experiences provides the needed foundation to offer technical support on sales projects and supply chain matters, but also to continuously optimise the components and turbine design. All engineering processes and the turbine design are verified by a 3rd party Certification Authority in accordance with the IEC standards.

In 2010, EWT made a sidestep to the multi-MW wind turbine business when designing a 2MW DIRECTWIND and a prototype was successfully installed. After the decision was made that EWT would focus for the time being on its successful sub-MW business, the turbine design has been sold to a wind turbine manufacturer who’s currently producing the units.

Investment funds endorsement
The reliability of the turbine together with its outstanding performance has made major institutions such as investment funds, certification bodies and engineering consultants endorse EWT’s products: 

  • This commitment is also reflected by the fact that major banks are financing the DIRECTWIND turbines.

300 turbines spinning at 300 sites in one country
EWT has turbines spinning across the globe. This has demonstrated that EWT can build strong customer support from the beginning of entry into a new market. In the UK, for example, the first gearless 500kW wind turbine was installed in 2011 and now, 4 years later, EWT has successfully installed its 200th 500kW turbine in the UK market, underlining its leadership position in the UK’s distributed wind energy market.