EWT Wind Turbines

Direct drive wind turbines
EWT offers a broad product portfolio of gearless wind turbines, which can be categorised in two product ranges: the sub-MW and the multi-MW range.

Focus on sub-megawatt range
EWT primarily focuses on the sub-megawatt market with its DIRECTWIND 250kW500kW and 900kW wind turbines with 52m and 54m rotor diameters. 

10 years' experience
EWT has optimised the DIRECTWIND sub-megawatt series during ten years of operational experience. This turbine type boasts a track record of over 500 units operating in many different wind climates and regions spread across Europe, Asia and America, including extreme cold-weather locations such as Alaska.

The quietest wind turbines in their class
The compact and efficient design of EWT’s direct drive wind turbines and the quiet direct drive technology ensures that EWT turbines blend well into the modern sustainable environment. The absence of a gearbox (mechanical noise) as well as the optimised aerodynamic profile of the EWT wind turbine blades reduces noise levels.

Higher yields
The combination of advanced control features and proven direct drive wind technology makes EWT’s DIRECTWIND sub-MW range a first-class choice with regard to energy yield and reliability.

Superior availability levels
In EWT wind turbines, the rotor directly drives the synchronous generator without the use of a gearbox. This is important because various independent studies have concluded that malfunctioning of gearboxes is the main cause of downtime.

Wind technology
EWT’s multi-megawatt range includes a DIRECTWIND 2MW direct drive wind turbine, offered with 90m and 96m rotor diameters (DW90/DW96). According to external experts, the 2MW turbine has a best-in-class cost level per kilowatt hour due to its robust direct drive technology and its relatively low weight.