DW52 / DW54 - 250kW wind turbines

EWT’s DIRECTWIND 250kW is developed in response to Northern Ireland market demand. 

The 250kW turbine is being offered with a 52m and 54m rotor diameter in order to optimize its performance with wind speeds classified under IEC class IIA and IIIA, respectively.

The DW52 / DW54 - 250kW turbine boasts a track record of over 650 units based on our technology operating in the field.



DW 52 / DW 54

Rotor diameter  

51.5 / 54 m

Variable Rotor Speed

12 - 22 rpm

Nominal Power Output


Cut-in wind speed 

2,5 m/s

Rated wind speed

8 - 7,5 m/s

Cut-out wind speed (10 minute Average)

25 m/s

Survival wind speed 

59.5 / 52.5 m/s

Repowering, the rewards are waiting. It's time for EWT!

Repowering is a fairly new concept in Northern Ireland, your own site may well have the potential to give you a greater yield, in most cases more than double and therefore greater income. 

Replace your installed 150kW-250kW wind turbine with a state-of-the-art EWT DIRECTWIND-250kW machine and:

  • Boost your energy yield
  • Improve performance and availability
  • Maximise your return on investment

Repowering will double your returns
EWT’s highly efficient 250kW wind turbine will achieve optimal energy yield from your site’s wind resource:  

  • The wind turbine features a 52m or 54m rotor on a 35, 40, 50 or 75m tower, allowing power output to at least double
  • EWT offers direct drive technology without a gearbox. This results in lower noise levels, it reduces maintenance and minimises downtime
  • The turbine has high availability levels of 98%
  • The turbine can be grid-connected or operate as a stand-alone off-grid solution
  • It is possible to continue operations under existing accreditations
  • EWT’s 250kW turbine is a proven concept, with over 25 turbines installed in Northern Ireland and over 600 worldwide

“Our new EWT turbine produces three times as much power”

With the aim to reduce energy bills, Liam and Barney McGuckian from Cloghmills in County Antrim installed two NEG MICON wind turbines to power their pig farm and animal feed mill in 2014. When an EWT wind turbine was installed at a neighbouring quarry, the McGuckians were impressed by the power output and decided to amend their planning permit and replace the second wind turbine to an EWT. Liam said: “The EWT turbine is working out very well for us. It is producing three times the output that the existing MICON produces. We connected the EWT to the animal feed mill, which uses approximately 100.000 kWh per month. We use nearly all of the EWT’s power output for the mill and the reduction in electricity costs is substantial.”