DW52 / DW54 / DW61 - 900kW wind turbines

EWT’s DIRECTWIND 900kW turbine is a pitch controlled variable speed wind turbine that combines continuous market driven innovation with highly advanced direct drive technology. The 900kW turbine is being offered with a 52m, 54m and 61m rotor diameter in order to optimise its performance with wind speeds classified under IEC class IIA and IIIA, respectively. The DW52 / DW54 / DW61 - 900kW turbine boasts a track record of over 650 units based on our technology operating in the field.



DW 52 / DW 54 / DW 61

Rotor diameter  

51.5 / 54 m / 61 m

Variable Rotor Speed

12 - 26 rpm

Nominal Power Output


Cut-in wind speed 

3 m/s

Rated wind speed

13 m/s

Cut-out wind speed (10 minute Average)

25 m/s

Survival wind speed 

59.5 / 52.5 m/s

Direct Drive Technology

Fewer rotating parts reduce mechanical stress, leading to a lower maintenance need and therefore superior availability levels.


Rotor blades

Large rotor diameter to achieve high energy yield. Optimum aerodynamic performance, reducing noise emission.


Variable pitch
Each blade is automatically pitched to control the generator rotation speed.


Tower design
Type Conical tubular steel, internal ascent. Hub heights 35, 40, 50 and 75 m.


Nacelle design
Spacious nacelle design for excellent serviceability and maximum safety.



Different wind climates
The DIRECTWIND turbines are operating in many different wind climates and regions spread across Europe, Asia and America, including extreme cold-weather locations such as Alaska. In order to withstand these extreme temperature conditions, special weather packages have been designed such that the turbines can survive in ambient temperatures up to -40˚C. For hot-weather markets such as for example Turkey, cooling solutions are included in the turbine.  

Options EWT turbines

EWT wind turbines can be delivered with a number of options

  • Aviation light
  • Shadow flicker
  • Ice detection
  • Cold climate package
  • Black blades
  • Service elevator (75m)

Drive system

Generator Synchronous air-cooled EWT-design, multi-pole, wound-rotor. Power converter Full-power, IGBT-controlled AC-DC-AC ‘back-to-back’ type.


Control System
Bachman PLC control system. Possibility for remote access via TCP / IP internet and the DMS 2.0 * SCADA system.

Safety systems
Main brake action Individual rotor blade pitch (three independent brakes).

Fail-safe brake Individual rotor blade pitch by three independent battery-powered back-up units. 


Type Certificate
IEC 61400 wind class IIIA (DW 54 / DW 61)
IEC 61400 wind class IIA  (DW 52)