Leading performance through service commitment

EWT provides peace of mind to its customers by backing its proven direct drive technology with a high quality long term service support package. The high availability levels our customers enjoy speak for themselves.
EWT is built around servicing individual customers, and this provides for a much more customer-attentive service ethic than where service grows from large scale wind farms.

EWT’s turbine technology means fewer maintenance headaches
Since the gearbox has been eliminated in the DIRECTWIND turbine design, the number of rotating components has been reduced, which leads to a lower maintenance need. A large single main bearing carries both the rotor assembly and generator which reduces the number of rotating components even further. The use of fewer components does not only mean less costly component repairs, but it also avoids the need for renting expensive cranes to replace these components.

And the high availability levels usually reserved for wind farm owners
The reliability of theDIRECTWIND technology and the effectiveness of the service setup are being reflected in the turbines’ availability levels which are well above the industry standard. This proven technology together with the availability of fully trained service technicians and spare parts warehouses in the main markets offers EWT the full confidence to offer utility-level availability warrantees, even on a single turbine.

EWT's service offerings
EWT is offering complete service packages which are tuned to the customer's maintenance needs. The DIRECTWIND service package are available for periods of 5 or 10 years, including preventive maintenance, consumables, spare parts and 24/7 condition monitoring. The service packages go hand-in-hand with the excellent product and performance (power curve and availability) warranties that era being offered on the turbines. 

EWT’s remote monitoring strength
All DIRECTWIND turbines which have been installed worldwide are being monitored 24/7 from EWT’s headquarter in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Most of the error alarms can be reset remotely, but in case a visit to the turbine is required, the operations team immediately gets in contact with the local service teams. The knowledge resulting from these error alarms and turbine defects is being used to optimize the preventive maintenance approach and in its turn, to avoid costly breakdowns.

The DIRECTWIND Management System (DMS) is EWT’s sophisticated OPC-based user interface, which operates on a Microsoft Windows platform. The system can provide monitoring, control and statistical analysis functionalities locally or from the comfort of your office, but also interface to 3rd party SCADA systems. 

Our customer's view
EWT attaches great value to our customer's opinion and is therefore conducting Service Customer Satisfaction Surveys on a regular basis. These surveys are carried out with the aim of constantly improving the quality of the services EWT is offering. Your voice is important to us.